Brushed print fleece leggings


brushed print fleece leggings are a lighter weight fleece lined legging than our basic and heavy weight fleece lined leggings. Contact:

brushed print fleece legging

brushed print fleece legging


Brushed print fleece leggings are a bit lighter and  softer than our regular fleece leggings. They are great for the cold season!. They come come in assorted colors and patterns, so they are fun and stylish.Brushed print fleece leggings can make any look unique. Mix and match prints, wear with a great heavy sweater or vest. You can have a different look every day.Brushed print fleece leggings keep you super warm and are trendy too. They come in two sizes: S/M and M/L. They are great to wear everyday, for the ski slopes, hiking, bike riding ,or  for any sport! Creatively mix them with other prints and your favorite sweaters and boots. Switch from day to day which pair you wear. Either way, you will be certain to be warm and looking fantastic.You will look great wearing them to school or the grocery store. Fleece leggings keep you warm and looking good. Caron Joy has all the great fashion items you are looking for. For heavier weight fleece leggings check out our site for prints and solid fleece lined leggings.



brushed fleece legging

Brushed print fleece leggings

Brushed printed fleece lined leggings

Brushed print fleece leggings





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Weight 1 oz

M/L, S/M


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