Embroidered Long Dress Available Short Sleeve or Sleeveless



Embroidered long dress is the perfect go to dress when you don’t know what to wear and want to look great. I can wear it with tennis shoes or heels. I can put on a great cardigan or a jean jacket. This dress takes you everywhere!. It is also available sleeveless.

Furthermore , it comes in several colors. These dresses are an easy fit weather you are size 4 or 16. They do come in S/M/L. I am size 4/6 and wear the small. I guess they are a continuation of Boho chic which never goes out of style.

Firstly, look at all the embroidery . Colors compliment your look whether you are a blonde, brunette, or redhead. Additionally. I have worn this to dinner, lunch, the beach, and just hanging around. Also I have fabulous heels, sandals, wedges, which all work with this dress, I have seen friends pair with sneakers .

Secondly, you want to look your best, but you can easily do so with casual chic dresses. Can you picture this with a cropped white, red, or blue cropped cardigan? White denim jacket? Whether you are 18 or 70,this dress works! The short sleeve style is #SS255  S,  M, L. pink blue, or pink orange.$35 The sleeveless is SL244. $35 It too comes in S, M, L . Color 1,2,3,4,5,based on left to right in the photo.

Finally, you can Contact http://www.caronjoy for all your fashion needs. Always feminine, flirty, and very chic. try this with our new bandana sneakers? Talk about mix and match. That is the fun of fashion. You can mix it up and get it to work.

Embroidered dress swing hem sleeveless

Embroidered long dress

Embroidered long dress


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