fleece footless tights

fleece footless tights

fleece footless tights are available in Small/Medium , Medium/ Large, and XL in  Black ,Charcoal ,Mocha and Chocolate. Style #GF101. Fleece leggings are the hottest fashion item.

Other colors available in M/L are  1.cobalt 2. fushia  3.turquoise 6.salsa 7.eggplant 8.deep blue 9.paprika 11.chocolate,12 magenta,13. teal , 14. beige. 15 Hunter(color in picture does not look like deep hunter  16.Navy  17. Charcoal 18. wine, and white (not shown)

Otherwise known as fleece footless tights, our fleece leggings are thick quality with a great fit. Fleece lined leggings keep you warmer and look fashionable. Every season having many colors to choose from enables wearing them with so many tops. They are the perfect  answer to keeping warm and looking great. Pair them with your favorite sweaters. They’re the new Denim. Assuring you that you will stay warm , be comfortable and look great!! We also make fleece tights in black to keep your feet covered and warm in your favorite boots.I don’t know what I’d do without my fleece. I’m always cold and they keep me warmer even in mild temperatures.  I feel assured knowing I will stay warm thanks to my fleece lined leggings. They are like a second skin. There are so may women who get cold and this is the answer to staying warm. No more shivering. There is a solution to feeling cold all the time.

It is really incredible the warmth these leggings provide. There is nothing worse than feeling cold . Finally a solution for women who are walking around cold and just trying to feel comfortable and warm has now been resolved. If you work in an office all day that is very cold you will have a new level of comfort. I can make a new outfit every day with so many choices of color. Just heading for a walk, going to the store, hanging around at home, running to the movies, etc. these fleece lined leggings keep you enjoying all your activities in comfort.

We offer many prints and textures and different weights of fleece footless tights. Try our fleece shirts and tights too. A different color everyday. !Contact


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Beige, Black, Charcoal, Chocolate, cobalt, deep blue, Eggplant, fuschia, Hunter, Mocha, Navy, off white, Olive, paprika, Salsa, Teal, true red, wine


M/L, S/M, X/L


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